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Android :: Battery Will Not Stay Charged

I have had my Droid Eris for about 5 months now and have never had an issue with it until last night. When i plugged in my phone it shows that it is trying to charge but the percentage never goes up and slowly goes down. I have to turn the phone off and let it charge. When I do that for about 4 hours I turn it back on and the charge is only at 18% max. I need some help! I have uninstalled most of my programs and all of my most recent downloads.

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HTC Incredible :: Dose Spare Battery Stay Charged?
When I keep my fully charged spare battery in the car, dose it stay fully charged over time?

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HTC EVO 4G :: App That Makes Battery Is Charged To Max?
Is there an app that makes a sound to let you know the battery is charged to the max?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Battery Not Charged Completely
So I have had a task killer app for a while now but the battery is still horrible. Wasn't the update opposed to help too? Put it this way if my phone is unplugged for 10 minutes even having killed all tasks my battery will be at 80%. Friday night I went out about 9pm at barclose my phone was completely dead. That's pathetic? Any other suggestions P.s. Save the rude ass comments like return the phone.

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Android :: Notification - Alert When Battery Fully Charged
Does anyone know of a way to have the Droid make an alert sound of your choice when the battery is fully charged? It would be awesome to hear when the battery is charged rather than have to keep checking visually at various intervals. I can't keep my hands off of the phone so I can get a little impatient during the charging process sometimes, I'd love to be able to "set it and forget it" until I hear the alert. If there isn't a way to do this, someone should figure out a way to make it so.

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HTC Incredible :: When Is Battery Fully Charged?
I've noticed that when charging my phone overnight, the light will turn green like it is fully charged, but if I unplug it, and plug it back in the light is red again and can take 10-20 minutes to turn green again. It seems the phone doesn't agree with what it considers for the battery to be fully charged. Anyone else have this issue? Is it a software thing?

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HTC Incredible :: Battery Charged Announcement
My Dinc used to make an announcement when the battery was charged. I think it was a battery widget I had installed, but for the life of me, I can't find that same one again. Anyone know which app does that? Or is it just the stock battery, because I've also replaced it with the 1500.

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Motorola Droid :: How Do I Know My Battery Is Charged?
I just received my Droid today and I'm new to these Smartphones. I'm in the process of charging it. Will something come on the screen and say, "Battery is charged"?

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HTC Desire :: Battery Lasting Longer When Charged With USB?
My battery level was 36% this morning (8AM), so I plugged it into my computer and pulled it out when it was 100%. It still has 93% now (7.13PM)Has anybody encountered this as well?

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Samsung Fascinate :: Battery Charged Sound
Anyone know how to disable the charging completed sound? My wifes Fascinate uses the default notification sound once its done charging.. usually around 1-2am.. I suppose I can set the default sound to "none", but then I'd have to set all the other apps (vm, sms, etc).

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HTC EVO 4G :: Battery Charged In Hero Now Works Great?
So my battery life was pretty poor, i'd be lucky to get 5-8 hours with minimal use and playing around with 4G on occasion. I tried my wives Hero battery to see if it made a difference.. it didn't seem to. So after her phone charged my battery up I swapped back. Now with normal use, playing music with it in the car, browsing the web on occasion, doing speed tests 3G/4G, couple hours of phone calls, some games, messing around with the LEDs as a flash light i'm still at 30% with 1 Day 4 hours unplugged. What the heck happened with her phone charging my battery!? What an improvement! I made no other changes on the phone besides that. I'll see if after my own phone charges the battery if this lasts or if perhaps there is an issue with the phone charging the battery. Pretty odd, just thought i'd share and see if anyone has any ideas what could be happening.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Weird Battery Life Depending On How It's Charged / USB
We charge our EVO's (2 of them) each night using the wall plug and, of course, the light is green when we wake up. However, when we unplug them from the wall the battery charge percentage drops from 100% to about 92% within a few minutes without doing a thing. Now, at that time if I put it back on the charger but this time plugged into the USB on my computer it charges back to the 100% and then takes a long time to trickle down to the 92% (seriously, like 90 minutes including some usage in there). I know there's some differences in the 2 charging methods. The wall charger charges much faster. But, it appears to be giving a false sense of a complete charge. The USB takes much longer (almost like a trickle charge) but seems to last longer.Anyone else experiencing this? Have an answer? Solution?

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Motorola Milestone :: Wrong Indications Of Charged Battery
I haven't seen a thread dealing with my exact overnight charging issue. Let's say my phone battery is at 80% and I go to bed. Here are the steps I take:

1. Turn off Wifi
2. Use Advanced Task Killer to kill all apps (except for the alarm clock).
3. Plug in the USB charger (or docking station for that matter)
4. Press the "sleep" button once so the screen goes dark. Or, just allow the screen to sleep. It doesn't matter either way.
5. Go to sleep.

When I wake up in the morning my battery level might be at 50%! And, say, 60% of "what's been using the battery" is "Display"? Also, I can unplug the charger from the phone, then put it back in and by the time I'm showered and dressed for work the battery indicator icon is at full (probably above 90%). What's going on here and what can I do to fix this?

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Samsung Epic 4G :: Battery Fully Charged Notification
Anyone know how the heck to turn this off? Keeps waking me up at night and it's driving me nuts.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Battery Fully Charged Notification
Ok i promised I searched and didn't find a resolution to my question... Got my Vibrate on launch day. Love 95% of the phone. In a perfect world I would tweak a few things but by and large I am happy. HOWEVER after this most recent patch my battery full notification now also plays my notification sound. I.E. The very loud MP3 I have to wake me up in case I get a text in the middle of the night, now is going off at 3am to say "HEY battery is charged!!" Personally I would like to get rid of the battery notification all together, but I can work around everything but it playing that MP3. I know I can silence the phone but I WANT to know if I receive a text in the middle of the night. If it isn't possible to disable this alert I will simply not charge my phone at night so I really don't need alternative ideas, just to know if it is possible AND to provide feed back to someone this is less than an optimal situation if not.

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Samsung Moment :: Fully Charged Battery Before Updating To 2.1?
My fiance's Moment has always had battery issues, right now its sitting at "90%" it always takes long to fully download. I just wanted to know if anyone here performed the upgrade without FULLY charging their battery, and what were the results?

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Samsung Epic 4G :: Battery Life SUCKS / Need 100% Charged
New user here. My battery life sucks and I seriously need help. I've had the phone for about 4 days, and I don't think I am doing too much to drain my battery at all. I connect WiFi and 4g only when available.After being unplugged for 2 hours, I am down to 85%. I have plugged in through USB and watched about 5 minutes of video, then disconnected. I've noticed that while plugged in USB in charge mode and doing anything on the phone, it charges only when the phone is on standby. It will stay at same percentage if I am doing something as little as navigating around the phone. I have 5 hours of life left according to Juice Plotter (free). I have Juice Defender (free) on and it says it has increased my battery life by x1.52. I have 4g off and bluetooth on. I updated my PRL. I toggled on/off Airplane Mode. Quit DRM. I also kill applications that I am no longer using so I never have more than 3 apps running in a short period of time.

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Samsung Captivate :: Turn Off Battery Fully Charged Alert?
The phone pops up an alert when the battery is fully charged, saying to unplug. First of all, is there a reason for doing so? (Is it bad to keep it plugged in once it's fully charged?) Also, is there a way to disable this or at least make it quiet (without having to silence the entire phone), so it does not wake me up?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: How To Stop Phone From Notifying Me Battery Charged?
Ok so I usually plug my phone in to charge over night next to my bed. However it gives me a notification sound, like a txt message, when the battery has charged. This is kinda annoying but cannot seem to find a way of turning it off. I know you are gonna suggest tuning the sound off but thats not what i want to do. So is it possible to just turn the battery charged notification off?

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HTC Desire :: Battery Indicator LED Not Turning Green When Fully Charged
Over the last few days the battery indicator LED stays orange instead of turning green when the phone is on charge but has fully charged.
The phone is switched off and left on charge over night, for the last 4 months since Ive had the phone when I get up in the morning the battery indicator LED has turned green to show that the battery is fully charged, as it should do. Its just since the weekend it now stays orange. The battery is charging as well as before, and when I switch it on in the morning its at 100%, so why is it staying orange when its fully charged?I was wondering if anyone has come accross this problem before and has any idea where the fault would lie. I dont personally know what exactly would be causing the handset to not detect the battery is fully charged? Also if the phone isnt detecting that the battery is fully charged could it cause any problems if it carrys on charging instead of cutting off the charger after its fully charged?Apart from this the phone is working perfectly and my battery life is pretty good for a Desire from what ive read online.

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Samsung Fascinate :: Screen Experiencing Burn In Due To Battery Charged Prompt
I'm noticing a bit of screen burn-in on my Fascinate, after having it for about 2 and a half monthes. What is burning in is the prompt that appears when my battery is done charging when I plug it in at night. For some reason, when this prompt appears, the screen won't timeout and turn off again, thus keeping the display on for hours after a charge is complete and burning that display in. Currently, it's a very dim burn-in that is only noticable on a completely white background, but it's frustrating nonetheless (and I assume irreversible.... please correct me if i am wrong though...So, i guess my questions are.Is there a setting that will force my display to time-out when plugged in? I haven't messed with too many of the default settings, so I assume this is default behavior of the phone to keep the display on when charging is complete.If not, is there a way around this, without rooting, that will protect my phone's screen from burning in, when this message appears?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1/X2 :: Update Failed Despite Battery Fully Charged
Have tried installing update on my X2 but it wont install onto my phone-but update fails on software install. Keeps telling me to check that my battery is full and retry or contact support?Have followed the update sequence as instructed but still no joy and now my phone will only load up the service mode?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: To Stay Root Or Not To Stay Root
so im running fresh 2.1 and i LOVE IT. i see official 2.1 came out. should i unroot and get the official update or just stay with fresh ?

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Android :: Amazon MP3 App On Droid / Credit Card Could Not Be Charged
Let me start by saying that the Droid is a pretty impressive piece of technology.I tried purchasing an MP3 through the Amazon MP3 app, which comes pre-installed on the Droid. Everything looked like it was working fine, until I got to the checkout part. I entered my amazon e-mail and password, accepted the terms of service, and was immediately taken to the "Now purchasing" screen - I was never prompted for a method of payment (is this normal).Has anyone else experienced this? Are others prompted to choose a payment method? The only other posts that I've found with this problem are from people in the UK who bought the phone in the US. The responses indicate that the problem is maybe due to the app accessing the US store, but the user being located in the UK. I bought my phone in Maryland, and that's where I live, so I don't see how this could be the problem.

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HTC Desire :: Fully Charged - Or Not?
I wondered if anyone else had observed this and come to the same conclusion.Obviously, when the Desire is fully charged, the LED goes from orange to green and I assume it starts trickle charging to protect the battery.HOWEVER, if a "high current" application runs when the phone is trickle charging (even just having the screen on - like after the alarm has gone off) and the phone is drawing more than the trickle charging supplies, the battery supplies the rest. Thus, when you unplug it, the battery monitor re-evaluates the state of charge and it is (sometimes) way below 100%.So, I've got into the habit of a) blanking the screen again after the alarm has gone off b) unplugging the phone for a couple of minutes and then plugging it back in to check what charge it really has (and giving it a chance to charge up to 100% again.I suspect there is a bug lurking in there in not switching back to full charge rate if the battery has lost charge.

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HTC Desire :: Charged For Using Wi-Fi On 3G Network?
I have a HTC Desire on Orange contract, I have had no problems with it or any billing problems until now!!!

Went on holiday but before I went I took a travel bundle of 10 MB, I know I would probably use more than this but only by a a few MB whislt out of wi fi zones... got back to UK and checked my bill and �537.00 is the data charge.. considering 95% of my web and email activity was via a wi fi network I am rather shocked.

I have heard that the HTC Desire still uses the 3g or data network even if you are in a wi fi zone, can anyone confirm this as I am having a bust up with Orange as it does not state anywhere that the data connection is still running when you are in a wi fi zone... bit pointless having wi fi or doing stuff in a wi fi zone if you are still being charged data.. why would you have wi fi on if you were going to be charged.

I uploaded youtube clips, facebook, listened to the radio all through what I thought was my FREE wi fi network... every other phone I have ever had automatically cut the data connection when you were in a wi fi zone... it seems that the desire does not do this....

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Motorola Droid :: App To Indicate Fully Charged?
Is there an app for the Droid that will indicate when it is fully charged? My wife has the Eris which does a nice job of this. When plugged into the charger, the LED is orange. When it is fully charged, the LED turns green. I would really like something like this so at a glance I can tell if my phone is ready to come off the charger.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Fully Charged At 80-85%?
Haven't seen this yet on the forums for the Galaxy S devices. Yesterday and today, my device has been saying it's fully charged when it's only between 80-85% charged. This happens when plugged into the USB cable attached to my PC, haven't noticed it when plugged into a wall charger (such as when I wake up in the's 100%). Yesterday it would cap off at 85% when the double-tweet alert says it's fully charged, today it registers fully charged at 81% (just now). If I unplug it and plug it back in, it will start charging again like normal (it may even continue charging on it's own without unplugging it, but I'm always next to it when it happens, so I'll try leaving it the next time it alerts).It just happened again (10 minutes later), and I left it plugged in, unlocked the screen, and BattStatt said fully charged. Even the device's "about" section said 100%. I then unplugged it, and it immediately dropped to 83%. Then I plugged it back in, it rose to 85%, and dropped back down to 83% a second later. I don't think it's the battery, as in my 2 years designing battery packs about 7 years ago, I've never seen one discharge 17% instantly. Gotta be a software issue.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: After Your Phone Is Charged Up...
when you charge your phone and its fully charged up, do you unplug it or do you just leave it on there until you leave or something? is it bad for the battery? I realized that i leave it on the charger and use it and just leave it plugged up as i go through the day, then when i leave work, i take it off and take it with me. am i messing up the battery?

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HTC EVO 4G : Fully Charged - Than Dies Mysteriously
Had this happened last night for the first time, last time i looked at the phone it was at 66% battery, an hour or so later it was completely dead and would not charge, not even the indicator light came on. Pulled the battery, nothing, switched chargers and still nothing.

Put a call into HTC and we pulled the battery again as well as did the power and low volume toggle reset and it turned on finally, showing the orange light. Did a soft reset again after that to make sure, everything is fine again, but very very strange.

HTC said they've had some of these issues pop up recently for no apparent reason. The problem would have been if the phone didn't come back at all ...

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Charged For An Hour And Became Smoking Hot?
I have been using an amazon kindle usb cable and electrical outlet plug to charge my Dinc for all long time never a problem. Tonight I charged it up for an hour and my phone rang the Dinc was Smoking Hot and the amazon plug was burning and melting plastic on the small end of the plug. What happened? Why all of a sudden and do you think I could have damaged my DInc? It seems to work fine but does smell like burning electronics.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Car Chargers - 10% Charged In 1 Hour
I've tried two aftermarket car chargers for my hero now, both of which just just just barely charge my phone if I don't use it. Like less than 10% charged in 1 hour. Neither of them would hold my phone's charge steady while plugged in if I was using it. Just slowed the discharge rate somewhat.

I've got my eye on an HTC branded charger that you can look at here. Does anyone have it? Does it actually charge the phone? I would imagine it does considering it's from HTC, but I wanna make sure before I drop 26 dollars (with shipping) on a charger, only to find out it works the same as the cheapo ones.

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Samsung Moment :: Screen Stays On Once Fully Charged
Since getting the CL14 update last weekend, I've noticed an odd quirk. When I plug my phone in to charge, once it reaches full charge, I'm used to seeing the screen come on for a few seconds showing "Fully Charged." But since the update, the screen never turns back off. I can plug it in overnight, and in the morning, the screen is on, sitting there displaying "Fully Charged."

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Samsung Moment :: LED Light That Blinks When Fully Charged?
Does the moment have an LED light that blinks when theres a notification or turns green when fully charged?

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HTC Incredible :: Will I Get Charged For Automatically Updating Weather Data
to my HTC it says "this may result in additional chargers from your wireless provider" i have an incredible from verizon

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Samsung I7500 :: Strange Charging - Phone Did Not Recognize That Is Being Charged At All
I tried to charge my updated phone (baseband I7500XXIG8) on both car lighter charger and third party micro usb charger. When connected, the phone did not recognize that it is being charged at all - but after a while I noticed that the battery widget did show more percentage than before. Even after disconnecting, the percentage varied up and down few percent - from 80% to 85%, then (after heavy usage of 3G, wlan, gps...) jumped to 50%. The rest of discharge was also erratic, i.e. in no way was it smooth discharge curve.

I attribute this to firmware - I don't believe that my chargers cannot supply enough mA or too low voltage and that the phone does not detect it;

After discharging the phone completely (it shut down at 1%, interesting it did not want to turn on 3G under 5%) I charged it with the original charger. After ~20 minutes of charging the battery was on 55%, isn't it a bit too fast?

I'll try to cycle it few times now.

I also guess that this kind of "uncontrolled" charging can at least uncalibrate the battery if not even damage it...

This is totally unacceptable given the already bad or erratic power performance of galaxy. Not being able to charge it the car makes it unusable.

I never heard of such problems with other microusb-charged devices...

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HTC Incredible :: Use Exchange Sync Without Getting Charged Additional 15 Month From Verizon?
I want to set up my work email to come to my phone. I set up imap but i feel the updates are not coming regularly. Would setting up exchange sync work better/faster? Is there a way to use the exchange sync without getting charged the additional 15 a month from Verizon?

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Android :: DejaOffice - Super-charged Contacts - Calendar - Tasks And Notes Apps For Mobile Professionals
DejaOffice is a mobile office suite for professionals on the go. It makes your Android device work more like PC software (like Microsoft Outlook).

Some of the features:
Categories with colors
9 custom fields
Sort by first, last or company name
Day, week, month and year view on calendar
Assign priorities and due-dates with alerts to tasks
Sort tasks and notes by subject, date, priority or category
Global search feature across all data types
Supports English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Czech (more coming!)




Note from AF: CompanionLink Software is an approved Sponsor for AndroidForums. Give their free ad-supported version of DejaOffice a try!

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Samsung Epic 4G :: NOT Receive Phone Fully Charged - Remove Charger Message?
Is there any way to have the screen ON, but NOT receive this message? For those of us who use the Epic in a dock as a bedside alarm clock at night, this message is a major PITA. I know it can be suppressed with the screen off, but I need to suppress it with the screen ON. When I roll over at 3AM, I need to know what time it is, not that my battery is fully charged!!

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Android :: Wi-Fi Won't Stay Off
I have a droid incredible and I do not use my wifi settings but every now and then something on my phone turns on my wifi. I also believe something actually transmitted or received information via wifi at one point (my wifi usage said 9 -14%). I always check to make sure its off but when the phone is sleeping (screen is off) something turns it on. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

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Android :: Which Apps Do You Stay Away From?
I'm just curious. I've found a few that messed with my settings or wouldn't work correctly.So which apps would you recommend to never install?Personally, I haven't found any that really messed up my phone... yet.

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Android :: Do IM Apps Actually Stay Connected?
I'm upset, folks. After months of trying, I STILL cannot find a single instant messaging app for my HTC Eris (2.1) that will STAY CONNECTED.I primarily want to connect to MSN (Windows Live, whatever they call it now) as well as Yahoo and AIM, though if I could only get MSN to work I'd be satisfied. However all the apps I've tried (ALL OF THEM!) behave the same way. Each one will connect, and either not show me as online to the rest of the world (verified my by gf), show my friends as not being signed in (when they actually are), and randomly disconnect me and NEVER RECONNECT ME unless I manually bring up the app on the screen. It's as if the apps have no connection to the IM's servers, or reality itself.I have tried MSN Talk, Meebo, Ebuddy, Nimbuzz. Each one of these claims to automatically reconnect if there's a problem, but NONE of them ACTUALLY DO. No matter what, I drop off, I'm shown as "signed out" to the outside world, and the apps will only reconnect (or pretend to reconnect) when I manually bring the app to the screen.I would expect that any IM might disconnect if I went out of signal range and came back, however this happens even when the signal is strong and uninterrupted. And it NEVER reconnects if I leave the phone alone. ONLY if I manually bring the IM app up does it even go through the motions of a reconnect.I can try messaging people even when it looks like it's connected to the server(s), but over half the time, the messages don't make it, because it's not REALLY connected at all.Again, this is using ALL IM apps I've tried so far.I refuse to believe that Android has ZERO working IM apps available, so... is there one that actually works properly? Is there some setting or tweak that will "keep-alive" the connection? Is there a problem with my Eris? Or... are there really no working IM apps for Android?

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Android :: Stay Inside Webview?
I just created a webview activity, and I loaded a webside into it.Well, when the user starts to click on some button, my activity is gone and the default webbrowser-activity is opened.In this case my menuitems are lost. Is it possible to keep the browsing user inside my activity?

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Android :: Stay With Verizon And Get Incredible Or Get Evo?
looking forward to getting my first android. I currently have an LG Dare with verizon and my contract isn't up until October. So I'm due for an upgrade and can get the Incredible whenever I want. I have been reading up on the Evo (still don't know a lot, but I do know some of the differences between the phones) and can't decide if the Evo is worth getting to pay $80 for ETF.I just started working at Walmart so I can get a 20% discount at Verizon, not sure on Sprint as of now, I live Springfield, MO (3rd largest city in MO) Sprints site says it has "best" coverage, but I don't see 4G being in the picture for a while.Should I stay with Verizon and get the incredible and just get a 4g phone next year? or make the leap to my 3rd carrier in 6 years?

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Android :: How To Get Droid To Stay On When In Cradle?
I've got my Droid on it's cradle on my desk. I would like the screen to stay lit or on when it's like this so I can access my phone easier rather than having to turn the phone on each time. Any way to do this?

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Android :: ListView Stay Selected ?
I have a list view full of items, after the users selects an item it lights up, and then it goes normal. Is there a way to make it so after the users select an item in my ListView it stays selected, and highlighted?

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Android :: Stay Logged In To Droid App?
I'm new to both java and the android so I apologize if I'm missing something obvious.

I'm trying to allow a user to stay logged in to an application. What is the best way to do this? Can anybody point me to a tutorial? I've searched the web and can't seem to find anything.

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Android : How Can I Force Screen To Stay On?
How do I force the screen to stay active and not shut off while my app is running?

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Android :: Best Way To Stay On Top Of Newly Released Apps?
Are there any good sites to subscribe to via RSS, or is there a way to see daily added apps to the market?

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