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Android :: Apps To Count Sms Message Sent / Received?

Is there apps to count sms message sent/received?

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Android :: AIM Would Count As Text Message Or Data?
If I used AIM, would that count as a text message or be data? And if I went to a web browser and used meebo, would it be a text message?

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HTC Desire :: Text Message Entry Character Count
Am I missing something or is there not a character counter for when you are composing text messages on the standard Desire text message app? If there isn't one - is there a recommended alternative solution?

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Motorola Droid :: Letter Count Down Not Shown In Text Message
The Droid is my first smartphone. Before it I was texting with the dialpad, and the phone would count down how many letters I have left (out of 160, the text msg length). Using the "messaging" icon on the Droid it never says when I'm approaching the text message limit. So is this "messaging" icon really like an instant messenger? It's not GTalk, that's another icon. If I send a 250 character txt message through the "messaging" app, does it get broken into 2 messages for the receiver?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Not Showing Unread Message Count On Home Screen / View It?
IS anyone else having issues with Handcent? It is not showing the unread message count on the home screen (and yes the option is checked in settings)

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HTC Droid Eris : Visual Voicemail - Notification Count As A Text Message?
I'm about to purchase an Eris, and I'm unsure whether I should order the visual voicemail ($3 per month), or is there a good app available. (I don't know why there isn't a website where I can see all the apps available, why must you do it from your handset only?). And either way, does the notification count as a text message? I don't text much, but I might need to buy a higher level text plan if so.

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Motorola Droid X :: Universal Inbox Unread Message Count Home Screen Icon?
This is the only thing I miss from my Blackberry. I know I can add a message icon on the homeccreen but I want to have 1 inbox on my homescreen that displays an unread message count and the inbox includes:

-all missed calls


-facebook msgs



Is there an app for this? or a way to do it i'm missing? search resulted in unadressed topics.

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Android :: How Do I Timestamp Every Message Sent And Received?
how do i timestamp every message sent and received. i just got it the the received message but not on the ones i send

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Android : Pop Up Screen Whenever Received Message
I kept getting this pop up screen whenever I received message. The pop up screen is so big that my message will be displayed and anyone can read it. I have searched everywhere on the setting to turn this off, I also called the support and they cannot help me. The pop up screen has the sender phone number, the message, a sunglass and hello message. At the bottom, it has reply, dismiss or replay with a busy message. I am using nexus 1. It is very irritating to just keep getting the poop up without any privacy.

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Android :: How To Perform Action When Text Message Is Received?
I'm working on an Android app that will send an automated response every time a text message is received. I looked around a bit on android's development site but haven't had anything that points me in the right direction. Does anyone have any ideas on where I should start with this or have any good links that might help? I am a total beginner with developing Android apps so please bear with me if I'm a little slow with this.

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HTC Desire :: Received Multimedia Message From &@
In my messages it says i have a multimedia message from S@(the lower loop on the s is joined to the middle section but dont know what font it is) and when i go into it there isnt anything there but it looks like it is saved to my sim. once in the message it says it is from triangle symbol@. What is this?

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LG Ally : Message Received Notification Won't Go Away
Has an LG Ally, and her message received notification won't go away. Is this a common problem?
Or, perhaps do you know how to fix it?

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HTC Hero :: Custom Message Received Tone?
I can see the option for Notifications and Ringtones but neither of these change the text message received tone. Where is the option and can I use MP3/Ringdroid files?

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HTC Desire :: Handcent Message Received Counter
I have just started using using handcent SMS which i love. Couple of things i am not sure of though. How do i dasable the standard HTC app as i seem to get a notification on both. Also i have moved the handcent app to the home screen but it does not display a numerical display of a received text message (on the app icon) which i liked on the standard app. Is there a way to get it to do this?

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HTC Incredible :: Handcent Message Received Confirmation?
I've seen a few threads on this but they haven't been answered.When I install Handcent, the delivery confirmations will not show up (little green check marks) and they also stop showing up in my regular messages. I have to uninstall Hendcent for the delivery report option to show up again.My question is how do I set it up so that I can see the little green check mark confirmations in Handcent?

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HTC Incredible :: Pedometer Apps Won't Count Steps While Screen Sleeps - Fix For This?
I thought I would put one of the available pedometer apps on my Incredible, thinking it shouldn't be too hard to find one as handy as what my old Sony Walkman phone shipped with (it ran when the screen was off, tracking my whole week's walking). Needless to say, I am disappointed that HTC does not support this functionality, causing any installed pedometer apps to quit counting steps as soon as the phone sleeps. With the supercharged battery which I plan on buying, I wouldn't be sweating so much the power consumption, and it's really disappointing to be left without the choice to let programs of my choice run. Will there be a fix for this problem anytime soon? Anyone happen to know, of if there's something else I can do about it?

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HTC Hero :: Sent Message Notification Tone Received Late?
I have noticed that once I have sent a text I am not getting any tone to let me know that the text has been delivered which is rather annoying as I have to keep on long pressing the text I have sent to "view report". I am getting the Notification tone Hours later after the text has got to the person I sent it to. On all my other phones (I am on 3 Mobile) the tone is straight away once the text gets to the other person.

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HTC Incredible :: How To Forward A Text Message I Received On Phone?
I was wondering if someone could tell me how do i forward a text message i received on my incredible to someone else. For some reason i cant for the life of me figure out how to do it. I would appreciate any help or info on how to do it.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Trackball Light Up When Received Message?
Should the trackball light up when a message is received with chomp sms mine doesn't i've looked through the settings and all it has is trackball color.

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HTC Droid Eris :: How To Save Picture Received In Text Message?
If someone sends you a picture through a text message, how can you save it to your SD card?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Picture Received In Message Not Stay Enlarged
I am using the stock messaging program on my new Droid2. When I receive a picture message and I click on the picture to enlarge it. It only stays big for a few seconds and then minimizes again. How do I keep it large? Also, How do I save the pictures? I can't seem to save the pictures anywhere.

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HTC Incredible :: Can Phone Send Repeated Alerts For Received Text Message
I would like the phone to alert me approx every 5 minutes that there is an unread text. My phone alerts that I have a new text but I also want it to alert me again if I don't hear the first alert. Is there a way to do this?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Save Audio Attachment Received Via Text Message To Use As Ringtone?
Im trying to figure out how to or if its possible to save audio received from a text and then use it as a ringtone. All I can do with it so far is just play it.

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Motorola Droid : Received "Message Not Sent" Notification
I went to text someone today, and for what ever reason, the message failed to send, and I received the "Message not sent" notification. I tried again, and the message was sent. Now every time I send, or receive a message that notification pops up. "Message not sent - Select to review the message and try again" and when I open the error message, it triggers another to appear. "Undelivered message - Unable to Deliver this message" even though all the txts have been confirmed to go through. This is driving me crazy, any one have any thoughts? It even gives me the message when I open an old text that I have already read.

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Android :: Cant Update Apps In Market - No Error Message
I uploaded the new updates to the application in the market. There was no error message shown. It seemed that the uploading was successful.However, the version name and the app itself were still the old version. FYI: lost the original private key or the keystore file. I generated a new keystore file to sign the app.I also met the minSDK problem and solved it by set the minSDKversion in the manifest file. There must be a way to update the app. I don't want to upload the app as an new application since there is a large base of existing customers.

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HTC Hero :: Message And Peep Apps
I have the Sprint HTC Hero and no matter what I do the Peep app opens and runs by itself! Even after killing the process!

On another note, I took someone's advice on this form and installed Handcent SMS but I can't get the preinstalled Message app to stop running when someone sends a text message! I've gone thru the process of clearing the cache and setting Handcent as the default for messaging but something is still wrong ....

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Android :: Get Count Column
I'd like to get the value of Count column from cursor.


I tried to get this count column value from cursor like below

Cursor cR = mDbHelper.getRCount(cplace);if (cR.getCount() > 0){long lCount = cR.getLong(0);}cR.close();}

I got the debug error. How to get it?

Could I use nested cursors?

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Android :: GREF Count Going To 301 / Fix It?
I keep getting the "GREF count to 301" in the LogCat, when i try to run my code. Any solutions or suggestions on how to fix this error .

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Android :: Count Down Timer ?
When writing :


Are we actually starting a new thread that handles ticks ? or what is really happening behind ?

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Android :: Gmail Unread Count
So i have this app on my home screen and the envelope is red.I have seen some screen shots where the envelope is blue.Was that an option when I first put it on my screen or does it mean something else?

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Android :: Application To Count Steps?
Is there any simple application that can track how many step I walked. I don't want the one that uses gps. Just make use of the accelerometer i guess? I have this application when i use my old C905.

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Android :: App That Count How Many Sms Have Been Sent To Particular Number Each Month
Does anyone know of any app out there that can count how many sms have been sent to a particular number each month? my contract gives me around 70 sms to Europe and I don't want to go over this limit as it gets expensive!

There is only 1 European number I text so if I can count messages sent to just this number - In theory I will know how many I have left in my balance!

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Android :: Droid SMS / MMS Outgoing Count In 1.5
Any one Help me the coding to get Out going SMS / MMS count in the Android 1.5.
it means my code will know automatically, when the SMS or MSS will be sent from the Mobile.

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Android :: Count Time In Droid?
How to count time in android, e.g player start the game how t count time from start game to end game, I am what r classes to set time and count.

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Android :: Get A Repetition Count Of An Animation?
Is there another way than doing our own counter to know how many times an animation has been repeated? (to produce different effects depending on the times it has been repeated.)

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Android : Way SQL Query To Count Records?
I want to count the number of checkins against each name. How do I write a query to get the result as a single resultset?

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Android :: Gmail Unread Count And Widget
I downloaded the Gmail Unread Count application and I am a little confused. If I go into the "all programs" folder it is not listed. But, when on the home screen, if i click the "+" sign and "add widget" it's listed there.Is there a reason I can't see it unless I want to add it to my home page or is this a problem with my phone? Also, is there a place to see a complete list of my WIDGETS being that they're not listed in the "all programs" list?Lastly, I see alot of people post a white box picture with black stuff in it, as if to scan it somehow. What is this and why and how would I scan it?

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Android :: GMail Unread Mail Count
most other smart phones display the unread email count as a small number in the lower right hand corner of the email application icon. I like that. After realizing that this is not supported by the GMail app, I started looking around the market for a widget that achieves this. All I found was a commercial widget, which did not satisfy me (the count did not get instantly updated when the unread mail count changed). Therefore I want to develop a widget, which accomplishes exactly that.Many of you probably have more experience in android development than I do, so I would be happy to hear your opinions. I see two ways to realize this:

1) Somehow hook into a content provider of the GMail app and extract the unread mail count directly from there. Unfortunately the GMail app is not part of the SDK and closed source. Therefore I have no idea how to find out about the internal workings of the app and how to extract the unread mail count directly from there.

2) The second approach is much more indirect and has more overhead, but it will work nevertheless. I will let the user provide google username and password and log into the google imap server directly and find out how many unread mail there are. A port of the JavaMail library for the android OS should make this quite simple. The question remains when to update the mail count. What should trigger the update? A periodic time-out? Well, my first idea would be to update it when the widget is first started and then every time a new mail notification comes in. However I don't know whether this is possible. Can I tell my application to react to notifications, which where produced by another application (GMail app in our case) ?

I really think there should be a free unread gmail widget, which accomplishes this! I would be happy to receive feedback.

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Android :: Wave Secure Count As Antivirus?
Does it count as antivirus? I've been browsing some threads and people say antivirus apps are causing texting to force close and randomly delete all messages. I keep having this problem and was wondering if uninstalling Wave secure would help

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Android :: Instruction Count In Nested Functions
I'm not sure whether I'm badly misusing InstructionCount or there is a bug, but let's assume the first one for now. The simplified situation is like that: I have a function (say, foo()) for which I want to track the number of instructions executed and the function itself calls another function (say, bar()), for which I also want to keep track of the number of instructions executed, something like: Code...

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Android :: ListView : How To Align Count Column On Right
Can someone please provide me a ListView row layout that will show text on the left (the full width of the screen) and just leave one right aligned column for a count on the right? Everything I try has the text overwrite the count column...

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Android : Way To Return Count Of Records In A Variable?
My ultimate goal is to limit records that are able to be created so that I can have a trial version of my application. I'm thinking I can do this rather simply by returning an int variable within a sqlite count statement, and using a simple IF statement to determine if a new record should be created.

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HTC Desire :: Message Alert Icon Shows Message - But No Message
I've been having a problem with my desire home screen (in particular the sms icon) and I'm wondering if anyone else knows how to fix it.

Recently my messages icon has been showing the little "1" in a green circle indicating I have an unread message. Problem is, I've gone through every list of messages I have on the device and there are no messages I haven't read and the "1" stays there. The only ways I've found to get rid of it are to either delete the icon and then put it back or to use Advance Task Killer and kill messages application. I'm not using any fancy apps for messages, just the default one.

My email counter is always perfect, this only seems to affect my sms. Also, my girlfriend told me she sent me a message a few days ago, but I never received it. Not sure if that's a happy coincidence, or if the phone got the message, is telling me I haven't read it, but isn't displaying it for me to see. All the other messages from her are plainly visible.

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Android :: Count Down Timer Back Button Vs Home
I am writing a count down timer, using .postdelayed(), that speaks each second as the timer goes down to zero. I have trouble understanding the consequences of the user hitting the back or home button.

The countdown continues when hitting either button. When home is pressed and you reclick the app, it goes back to the same count(this is what i always want) and continues to count down. When you hit the back key and then reclick the app, you get a new clock that has not started but I still here the sounds from the original timer. How can I code an app so it only can have one instance and chicking the app icon will always go to the active version if it is running?

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Android :: Location Doesn't Have A Bundle With Satellite Count Any More?
Just upgraded my phone firmware to 1.6, and it looks like Location objects don't have satellite counts in them any more:
locMan = (LocationManager)con.getSystemService (Context.LOCATION_SERVICE); Location loc = locMan.getLastKnownLocation (LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER); Bundle extraBundle = loc.getExtras();
extraBundle is null. So, I can't call

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Android :: App Download / Install Count - Market Glitch?
I have couple of apps (billboard100 and xmplayer) that had been reaching download/installs of 10k/9k+ and 9k/6k respectively. This morning the counts dropped to 1k/1k and 5k/3k. How is that possible?

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Android :: Quick Way To Count XML Elements In File On Droid?
Take a simple XML file formatted like this code...

Each node has some attributes that actually hold the data of the file. I need a very quick way to count the number of each type of element, (List and Note). Lists is simply the root and doesn't matter.

I can do this with a simple string search or something similar, but I need to make this as fast as possible.

Design Parameters:
Must be in java (Android application).
Must AVOID allocating memory as much as possible.
Must return the total number of Note elements and the number of List elements in the file, regardless of location in file.

Number of Lists will typically be small (1-4), and number of notes can potentially be very large (upwards of 1000, typically 100) per file.

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Motorola Droid X :: Market Problems - Loading Up Downloaded Apps - Getting Error Message
Im having problems loading up my downloaded apps. I keep getting an error message.

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Motorola Droid :: Market To Update Apps Get The Message A Server Error Has Occurred
I've been getting an error message all day. everytime I try to go into the market to update apps I get the message "A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen." I can hit retry 42 million times and it will not connect.

I've rebooted, pulled the battery, cleared the cache, I even tried uninstalling the market updates; figuring that it would connect and I could re-update, but nothing has worked.

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