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Android :: App / Widget That Can Be Used To Make A Larger Button?

Is there an app or widget that can be used to make a larger button? I'd prefer a 2x2 size that I can use to direct dial while driving rather than having to fiddle with the small 1x1 size, but anything bigger than the standard would be fine.

I've only found apps that make smaller buttons and one that makes me select subsequent options before I can actually call. I just want a large single press widget.

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Android :: App To Make Everything Larger On The Screen
Any apps that will make everything larger on the screen in Android?

I have found something that makes the fonts bigger but what about the rest of the stuff including icons, address book and so on?

I need to be able to see the stuff on the screen.

IF I have a choice, should I go android or windows and why should I chose one over the other?

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Android :: Make Fonts Larger On Phone?
Is there a way to make the fonts larger? I have searched and I cannot find it.

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HTC Incredible :: Make Font Size Larger
Can you make the font size larger in your people (contacts) I don't want to put my reading glasses on every time I get a call.

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Android :: HowTo Make List View Larger / More Than One Item Visible At Time ?
Does anyone know how to make a ListView object larger such that more than one Entry item is visible at the same moment ? Both parents are already set with "fill_parent" but the view continues to show one-and- a-half Entries.

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HTC Droid Eris :: How To Make Text Larger On The Eris
Does anyone know if you can make the text larger in the "messeges" application? If so, can you explain how? I love the phone except the fonts are so small it makes it hard for me to read incoming text messeges.

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HTC Incredible :: Way To Make Optical Button Into An End Call Button?
This would fix my only complaint about the phone! It's quite annoying when I'm in a call and doing something else on the phone, and I lose the soft end call button and can't hang up.

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Android :: How To Make A Button From An Image PNG?
I'd like to know how to make a button out of a PNG and display it on my canvas (using drawBitmap?). When I click on this button, it will take me to a new activity. All this will be in the onClickListener. So, how do I take a PNG, make a button with it, and draw it on my canvas? I looked at ImageButton, but I'm unsure how it works or how to draw it on the canvas.

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Android :: How To Make Button Highlight?
I set a image as Button background,but Button has no highlight when click it. Is there any way to solve it.

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Android :: How To Make Floating Button
I wonder how to make floating buttons, like the zoom button in the build-in web browsee?

Actually there are 2 things i'd like to know:

1. How to make a view(button) floating above other views? 2. How to make the fade in/fade out effect regarding to touch screen?

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Android :: Make Soft End Call Button Go Away
I really want a way to disable the soft End Call button that pops up in call. If there is an app or widget that some one knows of that can help me,can you please let me know? I'm sick of my face ending calls in the middle of a conversation. Apparently, my cheeks hit it at just the right place to hang up on everyone.

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Android :: Make Button On LinearLayout Dynamically?
I am trying to make a button programmable way (no attributes on LinearLayout). In other words, button count on the View is dynamically.

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Android : Make Calculate Button Redundant?
I have a simple Android app that does some math on 2 numbers that the user inputs and returns the result.
Currently I have a 'calculate' button that needs to be pressed to do the math and return the value.

How can I get rid of this button and just get the app to run the math after the uses has changed either one of the 2 numbers?

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Android : Can I Make A Button Invisible / Remove
How can I remove a button in android, or make it invisible.

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Android : How To Make A Mail Button For Droid
I want to make button that when I press on it it wil open the default email client and makes it possible to send a mail to a pre-defined email adres, like a mailto: method.

I cant't figure out how to do it...

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Android :: How Do I Make A Button A Part Of A Scrollable ListView?
I have a ListView with a Button below it. When I fill the list with more content than the screen size allows, so that the scroll bar appears, the Button is not part of the scrollable area. That is, the Button disappears. How do I make the Button part of the scrollable area? Code...

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Android :: Droid Row Becomes Unclickable With Button / Make Both Clickable?
I have a listView, where each row has a button in the row layout. However, this seems to make the row itself unclickable. How can I make both the button and row clickable?

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Android :: Make DatePickerDialog Not Dismiss After Clicking Set Button?
Is there any way to make DatePickerDialog not dismiss after clicking set button ?

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Android : Method To Make A Call When Clicked From A Button?
Is there a easy way to initiate a call from a button in an Android app?

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Android : Way To Make A Button / Drawable Remain Clicked
I have a GridView with a BaseAdapter that cycles through the elements making views for each element or cell in the grid.

What I would like to do is create a clickable image/button, and when the user clicks or touches it, for it to remain clicked and highlighted so that they make click on several if they so choose.

I have tried, ImageButtons, Buttons, ImageViews, LayerDrawables(with a swapable background color drawable), ToggleButtons, CheckBoxes, derived my own CompoundButton, but nothing seems to work.

I was a teeny bit successful with a ImageButton where I could create it selected, but if the user clicked on it, I couldn't get that visual state back.

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Android :: How To Make Scrollable App Widget?
As far as I have read in the Internet and official documentation, it isn't possible to make a scrollable app widget. Also all my tries failed. I even tried to subclass TextView to implement my own scroll method, but nothing worked.Are there any ways to achieve that? there are solutions if you use for example htc sense or home desktop ++, but i want to make it available to other users which don't use this

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Android : Way To Make Htc Evo 4g Widget For HomeScreen?
how can i make a 4g widget for my hm screen? so i dont have to goto settings/wireless networks etc.

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Android :: Implement Button On Widget
I am just getting started with Android development and I have created a nice little widget that displays some info on my home screen. However, I now want to implement a Button on my widget that updates the info in my widget TextView.

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Android :: Implement Button In Widget?
I try to create a widget and I am now wondering how to be able to put a button on my widget and set its "onClickListener". It seems that we are limited to the RemoteViews... OK I can deal with that (but this is a limitat to me) but I'd like to add a button where the user can request an update on the data displayed in the widget. (I get some info on the web but the user only needs to request an update, I can't defined an automatique update, it's useless for my app) I'm sure we can do that since there is an example with a player and obviously with a PLAY/PAUSE button. I was looking for in the remoteViews API btu without finding anything.

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Android :: How To Make Button Text Bold When Pressed / Focussed?
I want to change the text inside a button to be bold when the button is highlighted or pressed. I currently use a xml file to define the button and use the XML to change how it looks when pressed but I would like to do this without using an image.

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Android : Want To Make A Listener For A Datepickers Cancel Button In Droid?
I'm using a datepicker in Android to let the user to choose the date. I want it to do one thing if the user picks a date and sets it (I have that working fine) and then to clear a certain text field if the user pushes the cancel button on the datepicker (open up the datepicker but then cancel out of it).

The way I've been trying is by making a code...

to attach the listener.

My problem is that the listener works if the user pushes the back button, but not if they push the cancel button. I tried using a dismiss listener, and that works, except for the fact that it goes off even whether I set or cancel the datepicker!

What do I need to do so something goes off if and only if I push the cancel button on my datepicker?

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Android : Need To Make A Custom Button Shape Keep Systems Colors
I am creating custom shapes for certain buttons but I want them to maintain the systems current color scheme. I thought that by not applying a gradient or color it would automagically take care of this for me but I am mistaken. By doing that I end up with a black button and black text. Any pointers?

Obligatory code...

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Android :: Make NumberPicker Usable Widget
I know I could use it and I think others have mentioned they would like to use it in their apps. Currently it is "internal" so we're not supposed to use it and we have to "roll our own" which is a pain (I've done it). Also why does DatePicker only have a 200 year range (1900-2100)? Even the date gadget that the Pocket PC has goes back as far as mid 1700s.Add a range option on it.

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Android :: How To Use HTML In Phone Widget Button?
How do I use HTML in an android widget Button?

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Android :: Any Way To Open Menu From Button Widget?
Is there a way for a button to call a submenu? I currently have a menu where if they select one of the options it opens a submenu, however I want to be able to start the submenu from the Button widget instead of the Menu object.

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Android :: How To Add Button Widget To Custom ImageView?
I am trying to add a button to a custom imageview. I have created a custom view to display an image to the screen, now i wanted to add a custom button on this veiw and display a layout in onClick. The following is my custom view.

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Android :: How To Create Custom Button Widget
I would like to create a button with circular or rectangular background, text and an image below or above the text.I would like to create a CustomButton object with methods setText() and setImage() which would change the button text and image and place multiple CustomButtons into main layout.Does anyone know how to create a custom layout, place it into another layout(main) and modify its elements from the activity which is bound to main layout?

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Android :: How To Get EditText Widget Combined With Button?
In some apps I see an EditText widget combined with a Button on the right side (e.g. the search field in the twitter app). How can I create a widget like that?

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Android :: Widget - Change Text Of A Button
How can i change the text of a button programming a widget?

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Android :: Use Button To Move A Cursor In Widget?
I try to create my nice widget but I'm locked in a problem of button. this an example of code...

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Android :: Use An Activity Or A Service When Using A Button In A Widget?
I have made a Android Widget which displays two articles (title + image). In addition to this, I have buttons for flipping backward and forward through the articles. What I don't understand is how I can change the Widgets RemoteViews when the buttons are pressed. Which should be one of the most basic operations in a widget, however, I can't seem to figure it out.

So... Can I do this with just a OnClickListener in the AppWidgetProvider? Or do I have to create an Activity without a window (visibility = false)?

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Android :: Widget Which Has Arrow Button To Show Up And Down
I am using a button to hide some edit text boxes and to display them, that means if I press a button 4 edit text boxex will scroll down and again if I press it that 4 edit text boxes scrolled down will scroll up and not visible, my problem is there any widget which has arrow button on that such that it can show scroll up and scroll down.

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Android :: How To Make Keyboard Enter Button Say Search And Handle Its Click?
I can't figure this out. Some apps have a EditText (textbox) which, when you touch it and it brings up the on-screen keyboard, the keyboard has a "Search" button instead of an enter key.I want to implement this. How can I implement that Search button and detect press of the Search button?

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Android :: Make Control (focus) Flow From Button To Top Of List View
My activity has a set of buttons on the left half of the screen and a ListView on the right.Initially the focus is on the first button. When I browse the buttons by pressing DOWN arrow key and then press the RIGHT arrow key, the focus does not go to the topmost list item. Instead, the list item correspondingly on the right gets focused.Is there a way that when I press the RIGHT arrow key, the focus goes to the topmost item on the Listview?

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Android : Make An Activity Destory When User Presses 'Back Button?
When I currently have my activity on the font of the screen, how can I make Android to 'destory' my activity when user clicks 'back' button? (i.e. onDestory of my Activity gets called)?

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Motorola Droid X :: App To Make Sleep Button?
I tried the market and searched google (only to find apps that help you sleep lol). I'm looking for a way to set a button on the home screen to press and put the phone to sleep instead of having to push the top button all the time.

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HTC Incredible :: Make The Call From Phone Button?
With Facebook integration and having tons of peoples phone numbers at hand in the Phone button, I really really would feel more comfortable if it would prompt me after clicking on a name. The touch is is super sensitive and even scrolling through, I accidentally called people I haven't talked to in years.

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Android :: How To Make A Widget That Doesn't Drain Battery?
I want to make (yet another) news widget. Initially I thought it was enough to: 1. Download all the news articles 2. Update the widget every 5 seconds to change the currently displayed article using Alarm Manager (Alarm Manager.RTC) 3. Update the widget every 30-60 minutes to get new articles. This worked great on the first try but battery was quickly drained. I checked the logs and it turned out that the widget did the 5 second updates even if the screen was off. This was a surprise to me since the docs states: "..set an alarm with an Intent that your AppWidgetProvider receives, using the Alarm Manager. Set the alarm type to either ELAPSED_REAL TIME or RTC, which will only deliver the alarm when the device is awake. " I guess the device is considered "awake" even if screen is off? I found the same issue here: I then checked the standard news widget and the other news widgets most popular on the Android Market and I see that they have services running all the time. Maybe because they want to handle the broadcast event when the screen is turned off? So is this really the best solution to have a service running in the background? So if someone downloads 10 different news widgets from different companies they end up with a list of 10 services in the "Running services" list?

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Android :: Way To Make A Widget Clickable To Launch An Intent?
I have developed a very simple widget that was meant to interact with the user via an ImageButton. What I am trying to do now is as follows. When a user taps the button (after adding the widget to their home screen), I want the phone to dial a certain telephone number.

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Android :: Button Click Does Not Start Service In App Widget
I'm having trouble starting a Service to update an AppWidget that I'm creating as an exercise. I'm trying to get the latitude and longitude of spoofed location data from DDMS to display in the widget. The widget uses a service to update the TextView, which may be slightly overkill, but I wanted to follow the template that seems to be common in AppWidgets that do more work (like the Forecast widget or the Wiktionary widget).

Right now, I'm not getting any error messages or strange behavior; nothing at all happens when the button is pressed. I'm a bit mystified as to what might be wrong. Could anyone out there point me in the right direction?

Additionally, if my logic for location is faulty, I'd love recommendations on that too. I've looked at several blogs, the Google examples, and the documentation, but I feel a little fuzzy on how it works.

Here is the current state of the widget:


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Android :: Processing More Than One Button Click At Droid Widget?
I saw this topic and implement IntentService as describes, but what if I want more that one button? How can I distinguish button from each other?
I'm trying to setFlags, but cannot read it at onHandleIntent() method code...

At this little piece of code I have two PendingIntent linked with setOnClickPendingIntent, can I distinguish this intent for different actions and processing?

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Android :: Droid Update Widget From A Button Click?
I have a widget that shows some informations from database. The widget is periodically updated every one hour. But i also let user to update it manually by clicking a refresh button on widget.How can i perform the click action and refresh the widget?

Note: The widget uses service to perform operations.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Any Way To Make Another Button Power On Phone?
My end call button is getting worn out. Anyone know of an app, or any way to either use the start call, or trackball button turn on the phone?

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HTC Incredible :: Way To Make Optical Joystick Power On Button?
Is there any way to make the optical joystick the power on button?

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Android :: Need To Make A Music Player Widget For Galaxy S Phones?
It stinks that Samsung didnt make one but is it possible for a developer to make one that works with the Galaxy S default music player? I dont use a lock screen at all so I have no way of controlling the music besides going into the music player app. I am currently using Meridian player which has a music player widget btw. I plan to get the Epic 4g and want to use the samsung player, but it needs a widget

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