Android :: App That Scans Barcode Off A CD / Sample Album?

Jan 3, 2010

Seems like a great idea for an app. You're at a store like Walmart, and you see a CD that catches your eye. You scan the barcode, and can now click on each track to sample each song right from your Android phone. Lets you know whether or not you want to buy it. Some stores already have something similar, but not all stores have it and not all stores have it for all CD's. I'd like to do it from my own phone anyway, than to put on the greasy lice infested headphones at the store anyway.

Yes, I know I can just buy the songs on itunes or Amazon, but sometimes I like to have the actual CD, and the mood strikes me to buy a physical disk now. Does this exist?

Android :: App that scans barcode off a CD / sample album?


Android :: Barcode Scanner That Scans Pictures?

Oct 8, 2010

Does anyone know of a barcode scanner app that will allow you to scan a picture of a barcode that is in your phone or SD card's memory, or allows you to scan a barcode in a browser? I feel like this is functionality that ought to exist, but I haven't been able to find one yet.

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Android :: Need Droid BarCode Scanner Sample Activity

Aug 25, 2010

I recently seen Barcode Scanner ZXing for Android. So, ZXing is basically searching products which are of google. I want a very Sample Android Activity which calls ZXing Barcode Scanner from that Activity. I know it can be called from intents, but I need a working Android Bar Code Scanner Activity for searching products.

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Android :: Need Sample Code To Implement Scanning Barcode In Droid

Sep 8, 2010

Kindly provide the sample code for scanning Bar code for Android application.

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HTC Incredible :: Barcode Scanning App Unable To Focus On Barcode

Apr 29, 2010

Just got my droid incredible tonight and when trying to use the barcode scanner app it keeps trying to focus and just as it is about to lock in on the bar code, it goes out of focus and back in focus again... and repeats over and over.I tried cleaning the glass but it is pretty darn clean. Anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts?

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Android :: Delete Project Based On Sample / Sample No Longer Available?

Apr 3, 2010

I created a new project based on the Wikitionary sample.After tinkering with it so much and screwing it up, I decided to delete the project and start over again.After deleting my project, I find that the Wiktionary sample is no longer available as a starting point.

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Android :: Want To Create A Barcode For Use With "Barcode Scanner" App?

Jun 9, 2009

QR-Code Generator Want to create a barcode for use with "Barcode Scanner" App?

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Android :: Strange Delays When Doing Wifi Scans

Aug 19, 2010

I have a simple app that just initiates a wifi scan every two seconds and then logs the results. I am observing some strange behaviour, and was wondering if anyone could shed some light. When I start scanning, if the phone (Nexus One running latest Froyo OTA release) is just sitting on my desk (screen on or off, it doesn't matter), I receive the wifi scan results about 800ms after initiating the scan, fairly consistently. At most, it takes a second and a half to receive the results. However, if I get up and start to walk around the building that I'm in, the time between initiating the scan and receiving the result begins to vary greatly. What is interesting is that I start to see a pattern where it will take about 40 seconds to receive results, then I will get three or four results two seconds apart, then it takes 40 seconds to receive the next set of results, then I get three or four results two seconds apart, etc.

I've tried obtaining a wifilock, both the FULL and SCAN ones, and that doesn't help. Same with a partial wakelock. I've also tried setting up a thread that pings the supplicant every second and reports when it is unreachable, and it appears to always be responsive (ie., I never see the report). I thought that maybe the problem was that I am unable to receive the result of scans when I am switching between base stations (which might happen when I move around), but if I manually switch between two different networks, it does not cause a delay in my scans (ie., I can still get the results with only a one second delay while it's associating with the new network). Anyway, for my application, it would be incredibly useful to get wifi results at a fairly consistent rate, and so I was hoping that someone on this list might have some suggestions as to how I can achieve this.

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Android : Add Mp3 To ContentResolver / Force Thread That Scans Sd For Music?

Sep 17, 2010

I know that after downloading an mp3 from your app you need to add it to the ContentResolver to see it on the music player. I am doing it with the following code...

My issue is that I am willing to avoid setting DISPLAY_NAME, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE by hand.

Is there a way to tell Android to do it from the file? I've already used just values.put(Media.DATA, pathToFile); but it's not adding it to the player.

Is there a way to force the thread that scans the sd for music?

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General :: Scanner App That Scans Like A Panorama?

Mar 26, 2013

find a Scanner app that will let me scan a page by literally *scanning* it with my camera, slowly sweeping the page. Similar to how you can take panoramic photos, and it stitches the images together behind the scenes. I want to use OCR to scan a page into text, but the I find the quality usually isn't good enough for accurate OCR.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Wifi X10 Scans Network

Sep 3, 2010

I enjoyed my wifi internet with X10 when i first installed my wifi router, and as well as my other devices.However, my X10 is not working at all with my home wifi at all anymore, well.. you can imagine that my all other devices are working perfectly. also, I have tested in my parents, in-laws, at work, Mccas or wherever I could test my wifi on X10 works. but not at home.I am just thinking it's maybe the network setup.. or something.. but how come all other devices are working fine? and all my test places have passed?

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Motorola Droid :: Connecting Wifi - Scans And Then Fails

Jan 20, 2010

Anyone else's droid just not do anything after selecting "connect" in the wireless settings screen? mine just scans and scans and then fails.

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Media :: Why To Add Album Artwork Into The Album File

Nov 27, 2009

why to add album artwork into the album file to have it show up on the Droid? I have added albums that all have the artwork in the ID3 tag but a few just wont show on the device so I'm wondering if there's another way to add it into the folder on the SD card that will have it show up in the media player?

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Android :: Barcode Library

Feb 4, 2009

Is there a barcode library that will let my app scan barcodes?Pointer please?

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Android :: Way From Read Barcode Using SD?

Nov 15, 2010

Exist some way from read the barcode using the android SD?

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Android :: Barcode Scanner And Shopsavvy

Jan 12, 2010

DL 2 different scanners, barcode scanner and shopsavvy. Neither one works worth a darned. Have tried different items usually common ones i.e. a case of Mtn. Dew. It chokes and says it can't find a retailer. Seriously?! If it can't find even a simple case of pop which hundreds of retailers have, that's pathetic!! Has anyone found a real BC app that has actual products and works?

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Android :: Can A Barcode App Do Free Scanning

Jul 15, 2010

I send backup tapes offsite each day, and every day I have to write down the barcode numbers and print them off so the driver can sign for them to say he has taken them.I know there is a 101 apps to scan, but they are all for shopping, is there a free app that will simply let me scan more than 1 item at a time, then show the scanned items in a report so I can email it myself from my phone?Just a text file that list barcodes in a row would be nice.

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Android :: Application Needs Barcode Scanner?

May 5, 2010

I'm a Legend user. I've downloaded brightbuyr/shopsavvy and each time, it says that the application needs Barcode Scanner. It then can't find it on the Market at all! Does anyone know where I can get Barcode Scanner from? Eek!

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Android :: ZXING Barcode Scanner

Nov 17, 2009

I am writing an application that needs the ability to scan barcodes. I know that the ZXING Library can be used for this but I can't find a resource only that has a tutorial on how to use this library in your app. I want to be able to install my app and if the ZXING library isn't installed maybe install it too?

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Android :: Integrating Barcode Scanner

Sep 26, 2010

I sifted through some threads but didn't find anything on this. I'm including the barcode Scanner app in my project instead of using intents. Before I start adding my code, I just tried compiling it and running it.

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Android :: Barcode Scanner Do They Even Work?

Sep 24, 2010

I have Samsung Captivate and I downloaded bar code scanner. It supposed to read those square codes and bar codes. Well, I cannot get the camera to be focused perfectly on those squares or bars and the scanning never I doing something wrong?

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Android :: How To Get New Version Of Barcode Scanner?

Feb 12, 2010

Atrack dog application is telling me that there is a newer version of barcode scanner available. I have version 3.1 and it's telling me that version 3.11 alpha 1 is available. But I can't download the new version from anywhere!! How do I get the new version of barcode scanner?

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Android :: Is There A Way To Implement Barcode Scanner Into An App?

Apr 29, 2010

So I'm working on a project, and I'm wondering if there is a way I can implement the barcode scanner into my android app? So it would go from my app, open the camera and take the "picture", get the info, and go back to my app with that info?

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Android : Scan Barcode Using Phonegap?

Oct 8, 2010

I need to scan a barcode using phonegap in Android and iPhone.

Is there a way to do this? If yes, please share links.

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Android :: Access Barcode Application From Website

Feb 16, 2010

How can I access the barcode app on the Droid from a webpage like Google is doing with the Shopping page?

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Android :: Installing Applications Via 2D Barcode On PC Screen?

Nov 24, 2009

I just got an Android phone on Sunday and I'm still learning what I'm doing. I found a thread on here for the Android Network Awards, and all of the apps have a 2-D barcode next to them. Clicking on it invokes a "market" protocol. I'm guessing that there may be some way for me to scan this barcode from my phone and install the app. Is that right? Presumably, I could also browse to the page from my phone and click on the "market://..." links, but scanning a barcode to install an app is just cool.

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Android :: Using Barcode Scanner As Input Method?

May 24, 2010

Is it possible to use the barcode scanner as text input method instead of the keyboard when inputting into a text box on the web? Thanks

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Android :: Launching Barcode Reading From Browser

Aug 9, 2010

On the Google Products page, from an Android device, there is a "scan barcode" button that launches a 3rd party barcode scanning app, which returns results back to the browser. 1) How did they do this? 2) Is this available for any web developer to do, or a Google -> Google api only?

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Android :: Mobile Browser Barcode Reader?

Apr 13, 2010

I placed this query on another board but no ones has been able to help so far. Anyone any idea if this exists or nor? Is there any way of reading a barcode from your mobile browser? I'm sure I'm missing something here. Every time I find a barcode while browsing on my phone I then have to open the same web page on a desktop / laptop so I can snap it with the barcode reader on my phone. I'm probably just being stupid but can I get my phone browser to read the barcode? Do any browsers offer this as a plugin?

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Android :: Need Display A Barcode On Phone For Scanner

Nov 14, 2009

I just wondering if I wanted to display a barcode on my phone so that a scanner could scan it, ie like the reward cards apps, how would I go about creating the barcode in a view.

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