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Android : App That Can Turn Off Auto Booting Of Apps?

So i downloaded advanced task killer and its great. does exactly what i need because the battery on my lg gw620 is pretty poor, but what i want to know is there an app that can turn off the auto booting of apps.

for example when i kill all the apps on my phone, if i do nothing for an hour, and i load it up again in an hour or so there are about 10 apps running (not widgets) so obviously there is a form of auto boot function that loads apps without me asking.
is there an app that can kill the auto booting?

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Android : Turn Auto Sync Off For Certain Apps?
I have apps that auto sync. Is their anyway I can turn the auto sync off for certain apps?

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Motorola Droid X :: Enabled Auto Matic Update For Market Apps Still Won't Auto Update
So one of the cool things about Froyo is being able to check off Enable Automatic Update for market apps. So i have that checked off for like 80+% of my 80+ apps (that took a while to do let me tell you). Now i have had three apps have updates available since i checked off the box, yet they never actually automatically updated. I waited, hours, still never updated. Is there a setting i need to modify? Do i need to tell it what time of day to do it? Anyone else noticing this? I only really want it in apps that i don't care about reading the new features. But it is annoying that i have it enabled and it does nothing.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Turn Off Auto Capitalization?
The htc evo capitalizes the first letter of every sentence. Is there a way to turn this off?

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HTC EVO 4G :: How Do I Turn Off Auto Complete?
Can't seem to find it in the settings and is a bit annoying. If anyone can help me on how to turn this feature off.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Auto Turn Off / On GPS
This seems like a simple concept, but when I open up and close a program that uses GPS, why can't its just automatically turn on the hardware when it needs it and turn it off when you close out of the app? When I start any navigation program its ask for me to turn on the GPS, I go to that page, select to turn it on, then it ask about my location/911 setting. Why can't there be a setting to just have it do it automatically, it can't be that hard right?

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HTC EVO 4G : Way To Turn Off Keyboard Auto Correct?
Can you turn off the keyboard auto correct ?

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Motorola Droid :: Way To Turn Off Auto - Lock?
The title says it all. Is there. Anyway to turn it off?

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HTC Droid Eris :: How Do I Turn Off Auto Correct?
I hate the auto correct feature while e-mailing on my Eris. How do I disable it?

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Motorola Droid :: Turn Off The Auto-updates
Is there a way to turn off the auto-updates? it's annoying to see the update icon/notification every few days. i would rather just check on my own once in awhile.

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HTC Incredible :: Brightness Sensor Too Sensitive / Turn Auto Off
Does your brightness sensor seem to be a bit too sensitive? When I have my Incredible on auto brightness and I am reading a website I can watch it adjust up and down when there are no changes in the brightness of the room I am in. My fix was to just select a brightness and turn auto off.

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Motorola Droid :: Do You Have To Turn Off Auto Syncing And Backups?
I am thinking of rooting to upgrade to 2.1 but have some questions I have not seen here yet. I did try searching...but as each phone is different and the Droid root is so new I could not find these questions anywhere.I have seen the term brick thrown about quite a bit here. When you talk of a risk of bricking the phone are we talking the true sense, as in the phone will be as useful as? Or are we talking the more recent and inacurate type of brick...where things dont work, but you can still access the phone and with help can reformat?Lets say I root and insall Flan, and decide I am not happy with it. How easy is it to unroot? Can I just do a factory reset?

Do you have to turn off auto syncing and backups? Can I back up my phone and program settings so that if I can undo the root.I can restore my Droid to current configuration without a lot of work?

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Samsung Captivate :: Contract Ebay Sealed - Run Auto Turn Off
I ordered a brand new captivate without contract on ebay sealed. If I ever run into those auto turn off problems, will I be able to switch it out for another one if I have the original box?

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Motorola Droid X :: Email - How Do I Turn Off Facebook Auto Updates?
Just got my Droid yesterday. Set up my email with my corporate office - was getting them now I am not. What setting am I missing? Also, how do I turn off facebook auto updates?

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Motorola Droid :: Way To Turn Off Auto Rotate Screen Thing?
I flashed this yesterday. runs great! fast, smooth, looks cool. but i dont have chrome to phone anymore and cant find it in the market. also, is there a way to turn off the auto rotate screen thing?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How Do We Turn Off Auto Tagging In Media Scape?
After the updgrade of Android 2.1, I am facing a Small issue with the Auto tagging of friends in my photos. Some of the Tags updated are incorrect, had to manually find the tags and delete/change them. It would be nice if I could turn off the auto tagging. Please let me have your help in this.

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Motorola Droid X :: Turn Auto Sync Off - Application Enable Push Email For Gmail Account
I have been reading up on the concept of push email, and how it's supposed to be a huge battery saver (since in theory, the phone would only receive a notification of an e-mail, and not the actual e-mail itself). I have also been reading up on how the "Gmail" app's version of Push email is not the same as other Push e-mail software, in that it requires the phone to "Sync" whenever an e-mail hits the Gmail server. As a result, whenever I would try to turn Auto Sync off (supposedly to save battery), I would no longer be able to get my e-mail notifications in real time.

With this in mind, I attempted to find another application that would enable me to use Push email for my Gmail account, without having to "Sync" with Gmail's server. After messing around for a bit, I found that I could manually input my Gmail account info (Incoming Server, Outgoing Server, Username, Pass, Etc.) into the stock "Email" app that comes with the X. Once this was done, I was able to enable "Data Push" in the "Email" app's Settings menu (as well turning off any Polling intervals). By doing this, I was able to receive new Gmail notifications through the "E-mail" app, even when Auto Sync had been turned off. As a bonus, I received them around 15 seconds faster than I did with the "Gmail" app's version of Push.....

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Android :: How To Apps Auto Update?
I was just wondering whether Apps auto update once a new version is released?

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Android :: Auto Detect Phone #s Within Apps?
I'm seriously considering buying either an iphone or droid soon, and I was wondering as to the availability of a certain feature of the android os.What I am wondering is if android can recognize a phone number listed on the screen, and automatically offer to dial that number when you tap on it. (Similar to what the iphone does with its "data detectors" feature.)Also, ideally, I'd like to be able to open a spreadsheet, (which would be sort of like an editable contact list) and then be able to tap on any of the phone #s in the app and have the phone dial that number.

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Android :: Auto-Connect WiFi Apps That Work
I need a program that will auto-connect to WiFi WHILE My g1 is in my pocket and I walk around the town past different HotSpots. They say they will work but none so far I have tried will do this and yes I hit the No Sleep button...

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HTC EVO 4G :: Froyo Apps Auto Update
Do I have to turn on auto update individually for every app or is there a master setting I can change?

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HTC Incredible :: Apps Auto Update
I'm trying to install a new rom, and make it a nice clean fresh install. I wipe the cache, I flash the rom. As soon as I log in with my gmail account during setup, the phone downloads all the apps I had and the wall paper and a bunch of other stuff.

I do not want it to do this. I really really want to restore what I want when I want. Thats why I bought Titanium Backup. Does anyone have any ideas on:

1. Why this happens,

2. How to make it stop?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Froyo Auto Closes Apps?
I mentioned this in another post that was unrelated but got no answers, sorry if someone mentioned it elsewhere but Ive looked through em pretty good.I noticed while changing settings and surfing, 3 times now, Ive had a lil window pop-up saying "12 apps closed". Im not rooted, using the RC, no ATK running or anything. Kinda curious if this could be part of whats causing battery issues? Yes its a long shot I know, but is anyone aware of this and/or is it possible to disable?

*Yes I seen Froyo was supposed to handle closing app differently, more so looking for a way to disable this, and if need be manually use an ATK type program as needed to get my battery life back to anything near what it was.

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Android :: No Auto Updates Or Release Notes For Market Apps
I have recently updated about 10 apps manually that I already had on my G1, since I saw them relisted in the market (again) but higher up on the "by date" tab.This system is horrid.If a user has an app and a new release comes online it should not only notify the user it should offer to auto update and the first screen that pops up should be a release notes screen so we know why it was updated and what to look for.Another more minor annoyance is that devs seems to lose track of download counts and comments in new vers. This is much more minor, but useful to both the community and the device.If anyone from Android peeks in here, hopefully this makes a list of suggested improvements.

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HTC Droid Eris :: 2.1 Auto Starting Apps
I loaded ATK onto 2.1 which tells me that more apps are running than the built in proc manager does. So I killed everything except clock. Put the phone to sleep, and came back an hour later to find that Clock, Voice Dialer, MP3 Store, Settings, Shopper, Google Voice, Mail, Messages, chompSMS, and Handcent are all running.

Now, I have sent/received a few texts, so that'd explain the messages, chomp and handcent (still screwing with figuring out which one I want, but only Chomp is set to notify).

This is the third time I've done this today, so can confirm it's no accident. I have never used the MP3 app, don't even have any music on the phone, so no idea why that or for that matter, Voice Dialer, Shopper, or Mail are even running. I've never launched any of them.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Apps And Widgets Auto Sync Even When They Aren't In Use?
When you have auto sync settings turned on for certain things, like Facebook, Twitter, weather, etc. but you *don't* have these apps open or any widgets on your homescreens, do they still sync at the specified times?

I ask for general knowledge, but also because I'm curious if my Word of the Day widget (or even the app itself) is updating itself every day, even though I don't use the widget on my homescreens (and the app hasn't been opened in a while either). But is always listed in the running programs list.

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Motorola Droid X :: Apps Are Not Auto Updating / Why Is This?
I of course have froyo in my X. However since froyo updated I have been hoping that my apps would update, they are not. I have checkmarked the allow auto update box, even updated some of them manually once afterwords. I have taken the market off my task killer list. I only check it about twice a day, and everytime I have an update (not a manual update but a yellow font update)..nothing happens, I can let it sit on the market downloads screen or sleep my phone or do whatever and it just does not update my apps..does anyone have any ideas as too why this is? Perhaps something is off or being killed by my task killer? I have the two arrows on in the power management android widget (found this out by my gmail not snycing and receiving automatically). Any help is appreciated as I am at a loss as too why this isn't friends droid updates her apps about twice a day.

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HTC Incredible : Stop Google Auto Restore Of Apps
Sometimes, well actually a lot of the time, when I flash a new ROM after wiping down the entire phone I find that after signing into Google in the beginning stages of the activation that suddenly apps begin appearing.

I've found that if I skip the Google integration setup until after the initial process is completed the apps don't auto restore.

But where can I find this cache that google is pulling this stuff from and completely delete this?

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Motorola Droid : Auto Update Apps Not Working
I can not auto update my apps. It tells me is "started downloading" and that is it. It will not actually download the update and just stays like that forever and inturn will suck the battery. If i stop the update and just manually update the app it will download and install just fine. It is kinda weird that it will not download automatically. It even tells me it found updates. I have bb froyo.

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Motorola Droid :: Stop Market Auto-download Of All Apps After Wipe
My apps are all backed up to my sdcard. I don't need to *download* all of them after each wipe. It takes forever. How do I block this? It just starts automatically now (2.2 thing?).

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Samsung Captivate :: Killing Auto Apps / Automatically Opens AT&T Hot Spots?
When I turn on my Captivate, it automatically opens AT&T Hot Spots, AT&T Navigator, IM, Email and about a dozen other apps. Is there any way to limit the apps that open automatically so that I don't have to use Task Killer every time to kill unwanted apps?

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Motorola Droid :: Want To Reset Phone To Defaults / Will Apps Auto Download?
my phone is a little slow so i was going to format it. i know my contacts and calender will auto download once i login to gmail. but will my apps download or do i need to write them down and redownload? i was told they are on a cloud and will auto downloan within the hour. who knows. this is why i ask

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How To Stop Apps From Auto-starting / Running?
I have the kill app program, but that doesn't work automatically. The best way is to kill the unnecessary apps that load when the phone starts and persistently load themselves at intervals.Is there a way or an apk to download to select the apps that we allow to auto-run? All without rooting, if at all possible.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Something To Turn Off Apps?
I can force apps off but they will turn back on
I have App killer but i don't kill them
Is there something new i can try?

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Motorola Droid X : Market Auto Syncs - Installs - Previous Apps After ROM Flash - How To Avoid This
Ok, there is literally no way that I'm the only one who has asked this question but I can't find the answer by searching. Here's my problem, after I flash my rom and restart my phone the market begins auto-downloading all the apps I previously had installed. I do not want this bc I use titanium backup for all of that.

I know I can avoid it temporarily if I skip entering my email address, but there has to be a setting for me to un check that will make it not try to auto download anything once I do add my account.

I'm sure you guys have all run into this by now, so can someone please tell me what setting will resolve this issue?

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Android :: Alarm Clock App That Auto Cuts-off Play After X Seconds - Auto Snooze After X
I'm looking for an alarm clock app with one very specific feature - allow me to set the alarm tone to automatically stop after X seconds, then start again at the next snooze interval, and play for another X seconds.

Sure it seems every alarm app out there allows me to set Snooze intervals and stuff, but with my waking up habit, I don't like to physically have to touch the phone to get it to shut up until the next snooze interval. I like to lay in bed and let the alarm go for like 3-4 snooze intervals before I finally wake up.

I've tried Alarm Clock PlusV2, Alarm Clock Xtreme, Quick Alarm. None of them seem to have this.

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Android :: Task Panel Auto Kill Feature Not Auto-Killing?
I installed it on my Droid and when I open the list and long press on an app it gives me the option to Auto-Kill. I assume this means I won't have to kill this app any longer so I select this option but I find that I keep having to kill the same apps over and over again. What's the point of Auto-Kill or what am I doing wrong? There are lots of programs (most I didn't even install) that run all the time and I'm having battery issues so I don't have battery to waste on programs I'm not using and will probably never use.

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HTC Incredible :: Turn Off Data Apps?
The first thing I would like to be able to put on my phone after getting it set up and what not when I get it tomorrow (THANK GOD WAITED TOO LONG HA HA), but I would like to be able to have the option to turn the data off when I don't need it and turn it back on when I want it.If that makes sense?I tried searching on the board, maybe I didn't search in the right spots. I am not entirely sure, if so I apologize. Was curious if anyone knows of any apps that are free and easy to use?

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Android :: Auto-centering And Auto-clipping TextView Background
Is there a way to tell Android to do the following when setting the background image for a TextView?

1. Scale the image so that it's just large enough to fill the the entire viewing area without any black borders, while still maintaining its aspect ratio. This might require clipping once the image is actually displayed, but that's OK (read on).

2. Then, center the image in the viewing area, both horizontally and vertically.

3. Finally, clip the image to the size of the viewing area, without any further rescaling.

I'm guessing that this kind of image processing is not automatically done via any of Android's facilities, and that I'll have to do it myself. If this is a correct assumption, could someone point me to some documentation or some examples which could explain how I can accomplish this? I'm guessing that I'll have to subclass my TextView and implement my own onDraw() method, but could someone confirm or deny that assumption?

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Nexus :: Turn Wifi On/off Automaticaly With Apps
I know that wifianalyzer has this option. Is it not possible to say start webbrowser which turns on wifi then disables it when you exit?

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HTC Wildfire :: Apps That Will Turn Into A WiFi Hotspot
Any goof apps out there that will turn my HTC Wildfire in to a WiFi hotspot?

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HTC Incredible :: Way To Turn Off Apps Running In Background?
How do I turn off apps that are running in the background? I downloaded a task killer however I keep noticing Skype Mobile, Amazon MP3, Stocks, and other useless apps turn on even if I force stop them.

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Motorola Droid :: Turn Off Unnecessary Apps
Has anyone found a way to turn off phone apps. Not the new apps i want but those that are on the phone that i dont use. they seem to use up way to much power and i run out of battery during the day.

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Motorola Droid : All My Apps Turn On Even If I Close Them
Even when I used advanced task manager to close apps like locale and football live scores, they still show up later when i open advanced task manager so why does this happen?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Battery - No GPS Using Apps Running - Didn't Turn On Bluetooth Or Wifi Or 4G
I have been using Evo as my primary phone for 2 weeks and I do not see any battery problems. Am I the exception?

I am a heavy user with about 70 texts, 20-30 emails per day, 1-1.5hour phone usage, occasional web surfing (1-1.5hour), listening to music (30min morning + 30min evening), GPS on all the time (but no GPS using apps running), Facebook and Sense. I didn't turn on Bluetooth or Wifi or 4G. This is a typical day for me. With this kind of usage my battery easily lasts the whole day and well into the night.

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Android :: Switching-off/re-booting
I was just messsing about and flipping through screens and settings and noticed that the phones uptime was at 9 days. This is because at night I either tend to leave it on wifi or just put it to aeroplane mode.

But I was just wondering if there is any benefit to the phones OS or memory if it is occasionally switched off and rebooted? ( apart from saving a little battery obviously). Or is it perfectly acceptable to just keep it running if everything's ok?

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Samsung Fascinate :: Settings / Apps Allow SF To Return To Homescreen When Turn On Phone Again?
Is there any settings or apps that will allow SF to return to the home screen when you turn on the phone again? It would be nice not to have to hit the home button each time I turn the phone back on?

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Android :: 2.2 Google Api Emulator Not Booting Up
I just wrote a test app and deployed it via Google Api 2.2 emulator version 8. The emulator is running and the Android logo comes. But after that, no progress. When I checked the log, it shows a Mount Service with message 'waiting too long for ready! What should be done inorder to boot the emulator?

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Android :: Emulator Won't Finish Booting
I had the 1.5 android emulator starting from Eclipse perfectly nicely.... until yesterday when it suddenly won't finish booting. I haven't installed anything new (Running it on Windows Vista - i know, uck, but I'm waiting for Win 7 to hurry up), haven't even changed the java code I am trying to run. The emulator starts up, get's to the point where it shows "Android" with the nice lighting effect that goes from left to right over it and then just stays in that state. Last night I tested it by starting it up, going out to the living room, watching two hour long episodes of the first series of Doctor Who, and then coming back in (Essentially giving it 1.5 hours to do it's stuff) - it was still stuck in that state. Any ideas what I did wrong?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Auto Backlight Or Auto Brightness
Are these the same? I have searched the forum, and can't seem to find the answer. I don't find any "auto brightness" setting in the settings menu on the Hero. I have auto backlight unchecked. What exactly does this do? Is this the screen dimming? Sorry, I am confused. Uh oh! Must be a senior moment!

While I am showing off photos I have on my phone, the screen do I keep this from happening?

Also, relating to photos..when I go to "Albums", I have 4 folders listed...Camera Shots, All Photos, etc. When I take a pictures with the phone camera, they seems to be in both folders. Why?

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