Android : Achieve Perspective Drawing Of An Image

Jul 15, 2009

Is there any way to achieve perspective drawing of an image.. are there any APIs.. or is OpenGL the only solution..

Android : Achieve perspective drawing of an image


Android :: How To Make An Image In Perspective?

Aug 7, 2010

As the title says I wonder how I can make my images to perspective view. Here's an image showing how they manage to do this in photo shop: Is it possible to do something like this in android?

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Android :: Drawing An Image Using OpenGL

Aug 10, 2010

Using OpenGL ES, how do I draw an image from the resources file onto the screen? The image is in png format, if that matters.

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Android :: Drawing A Nine Patch Image

Nov 29, 2009

I'm trying to create on of these images, but Eclipse won't accept it once I've used the draw9patch tool. I've found other people having the same problem, and saw this comment: I discovered later that the problem I was having was caused by the image not being exactly true to the nine-patch spec as defined in the documentation. Once I fixed the image to have a clean (i.e., no gradients etc) one pixel border it was fine. "'m not much good when it comes to image design. What does this mean, how do I create my original png file to meet the specification for Nine Patch?

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Android :: Drawing An EditText On Top Of An Image

Aug 14, 2010

I am creating a custom view which has an image. The image can be of any type. What i want to achieve is that i want to draw an EditText control on top of the image so that the user can add some values to it. I am not sure how to achieve this. The onDraw control will not allow me to draw any view right? I am new to android so any help would be appreaciated.

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Android :: Drawing Lines On Top Of A Image View

Jul 13, 2010

I am trying to put a background image and draw on top of that screen. I assumed activity will have a on draw method, but it does not have. it seems i need to use surfaceview. Can I put a surfaceview on top of the image view and make it transparent ? any example/tutorial i can refer to ?

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Android :: Drawing Image In Full Screen On Different Device

Sep 3, 2009

My application required to draw image on full screen. now the phone screen size will be different. So will i have to make different image for each phone or i can use just one image and it can display on full screen in any device.

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Android :: Plugin DDMS Not Showing Up On Eclipse Perspective

Jun 25, 2010

Although the DDMS plugin is installed (verified by checking the installed plugins) in Eclipse, it is not showing up in the Perspective (which is showing only JAVA & DEBUG).

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Android :: Understanding Concepts Through Desktop Development Perspective

Aug 7, 2010

What concepts in desktop application development (e.g. Java, WPF, Cocoa) are closest to Android's fundamental concepts like Activity, ActivityGroup, and Intent? (And what are the nuances to how they differ?)

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Android :: How To Learn IPhone Development From Perspective Of Droid Developer?

Jul 31, 2010

I consider myself an Android developer, after having created four apps and learned a lot by creating them. Now I've begun my venture into the iPhone app development world, and I don't remember the Android learning curve being this extreme. It doesn't help, though, that I was very familiar with Java and Eclipse whereas I hardly even know how to use OS X. I learn fast and I know exactly what I want to make, I just need the means to get there. I'm really floundering with Xcode and the new project templates (of which there are several, and I hardly know what they mean). I know there are many books and things out there for starting from scratch but I feel like my Android knowledge should count for something. Is there a good resource for learning the basics of iPhone development, given that I am quite familiar with the Android platform? I'm looking for anything that converts Android knowledge to iPhone knowledge; a table of UI element names in each platform, or of concept equivalents, or a compare/contrast of the frameworks involved, or anything that will increase the rate of learning given that I know the Android platform already.

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Android :: Can't Select Droid Client In DDMS Perspective Of Eclipse / What To Do?

Sep 1, 2010

I want to check my program code for time consuming operations. I thought DDMS is the best tool to achieve that.

However, I cant see Threads, Heaps and so on. It tells my to select a client. But I dont know where other than the Devices Tab, which doesn't take effect.

What do I have to do? Is there maybe something wrong with my ADB setup (But LogCat works fine)?

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Android :: Gsm Call - Sms Send Doesn't Work From Emulator - Ddms Perspective

Jun 23, 2010

I have problems simulating call or sms since telnet or ddms perspective on eclipse. I'm connected to the device and some commands works (window scale,...)If i try to simulate a gsm call then everything seems ok but i haven't anything on my emulator (nor incoming call nor notification) then if i launch an "gsm list" command my inbound call is listed and i can cancel it the same thing occurs with sms send everything seems ok (return OK) but there is no notification on the emulator nor sms in inbox :-(

I'm using the sdk r06 on a windows xp machine. I try with fresh avd on different platform :-(

Important : it has worked so i know it can work, but i would like to know why it doesn't work now ! Using ddms i don't see any trace on the log view.

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Samsung Moment : Google Navigation - No Perspective View

Jun 21, 2010

When using google navigation, I am typically shown a top-down view (north is up) rather than the standard perspective, or 3D view.

Is this an issue with GPS? Or is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? I've tried touching the compass icon to change views, but still in map mode.

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HTC Droid :: Blackberry Charger Compatible From Power Perspective With Eris?

Feb 3, 2010

Can I use my Blackberry charger on my Eris? My chargers are next to each other and I accidentally plugged it in the other day. It fit and the Eris's battery indicator showed that it was charging. I immediately unplugged it for fear of doing it harm. Are they compatible from a power perspective?

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Android :: Achieve Folder By Polling?

Jul 11, 2010

Is it possible to do polling in Android? For example, I want my application to monitor a directory continuously. If there is for example a new folder created in that directory I want to log it down. Is it possible to acheive this by polling? Or is there any other way to do this?

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Android :: Web View User Clicks On Particular Url - How Can I Achieve This?

Jun 24, 2009

I have a webview and need to trigger a function when a user clicks on particular url. How can I achieve this?

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Android :: Application-wide Resources / How To Achieve?

Sep 17, 2010

So I'm struggling a bit with what is probably a fairly basic concept.. Activity Lifecycle.I have read a bunch of thread on the topic, and I feel I understand well both the functionality, and rationale behind the lifecycle model implemented for Activities, but it raises a bit of a problem for me. My app (game) has a couple of distinct Activities for various sections:

1. The TitleActivity is a very small Activity that just launches a GLSurfaceView and renders a startup logo.I use this to detect the OpenGL capabilities of the device (eg so I know if it's using a software renderer)

2. The LaunchActivity is the main menu screen where the user can access options etc and start a game

3. The GameActivity will either launches a GLSurfaceView or a standard View depending on hardware capabilties.

The issue I am having is that I want to pre-load some "slow-to-load" resources, specifically audio, in the Title Activity so when the Launch Activity renders I can play some background music.I have the concept of a "media library" which I use throughout the game.Because of memory limitations in the SoundPool, I have limited this to only absolute real-time sounds and all others are played using mulitple instances of MediaPlayer.Hence my media library has a bunch of pre-loaded MediaPlayer instances which I access regularly during game play.. so it makes sense to have a centralized access point for all audio.All fine, however the problem is that when I launch one activity from another.. for example the TitleActivity starts the LaunchActivity (via a call to startActivity(Intent...)), the former goes through the onDestroy stage of its lifecycle.Now logically I had assumed that if I allocate a bunch of resources in the onCreate of an Activity, I should clean them up in the onDestroy, however in the case of my "media library" if I load up the audio files in the onCreate of my TitleActivity they will be torn down when the LaunchActivity is started because the TitleActivity will have its onDestroy() method called.

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Android :: Way To Achieve Listview From Multiple Tables?

Aug 22, 2010

I'd like to populate a listview from 2 tables. Anyone know how I can achieve this? Currently what I have looks like but it only works with one adapter.

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Android :: Obtain Endless Views / Can I Achieve

Oct 26, 2009

I am developing an application in which a user keeps on scrolling and each view displays a single text. The views are not suppose to end. How can i achieve that?

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Android :: Achieve Droid Project's Internationalization?

May 28, 2009

I want to make my android project Internationalization,but i don't know how to achieve it. I have searched on the internet,and just know i have to make values-xx file in
es.I want to know what should i do about the code.

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Android : How To Achieve Logging Inside Framework?

Oct 8, 2010

I am trying to develop small application for reset Logging on Phone. Can some one throw some Lights on how to achieve logging in AndriodRunTimeInit whenever there is exception? I want to write into file whenever there is RunTime exception.

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Android : Achieve Mixed Layout With ListView?

Apr 19, 2010

Things go fine, and i am able to design a layout like this...

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Android :: Achieve Ultra Smooth OpenGL/ES Animation

Feb 1, 2010

I am drawing a pretty simple scene, with one large texture the about size of the screen (two triangles). I notice that the frame-rate is irregular: in most of cases, a frame finishes in 17 ms. However, in about 1 of 10 times, the frame finishes in 33ms.

My guess is probably some background services need to run. However, the Linux scheduler is biased towards my FG app, so the BG services are usually starved, until they can't take it anymore and they grab the CPU from my app ....

I am seeing stuttering in the animation. Is this due to the irregular frame rate? Should I delay each frame so that all frames are rendered with 33ms frame time? If so, what's the best technique of achieving this?

Is there an API that I can call to guarantee CPU resources for the render thread .... I really hope Android runs on some sort of real time kernel ...

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Android :: Achieve Smooth - Hw Accelerated - Transitions In Browser

Jul 5, 2010

On iPhone, Mobile Safari is WebKit based and supports hardware-accelerated -webkit-transform CSS properties. To be specific, I use the translate3d() transform.

What alternative is there for the Android browser? I need it to work on Android 1.5.

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Android :: Achieve Square Layout And Buttons In Main.xml?

Oct 30, 2010

I would like to have a layout with 5 times 5 buttons. Each of them should have the same width and height (they should be square). And I want the whole matrix to use the screen width (or height, depending on rotation).

I currently do it "by hand" in the Java code:


This can be improved by obtaining screen width first and then dividing by 5 to get rid of this literal 60. But I'm wondering how I can do this in the res/layout XML file? How can I specify for the height to be the same as the width? (I can set the width to match_parent.)

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Android :: Want To Change Position Of Toast In Droid / Achieve This?

Mar 24, 2010

When i use toast to display some text on screen it displays little bit above the bottom(default position).

now i want to display it in the middle of screen or according to my choice can any one guide me how to achieve this?

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Android :: Achieve True Gapless Playback - Can't Seem To Improve

Jan 30, 2009

When using a mediaplayer to play back an audio file, you can set looping to true - that's not the issue here.

If looping is set to true, there's still an audible gap between the file finishing and then starting again.

How could I achieve true gapless playback? I've attempted using two instances of the same file, overriding oncomplete and onseek.. can't seem to improve the gap though.

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Android :: Achieve Dynamic Midi Generation And Playback On Droid?

Apr 12, 2010

Strangely I find no support for Midi in Android.
The only thing that comes close is the Jetplayer, but this only takes a existing .jet file.

I want to dynamically generate a midi file with some intervals and play it.
I even thought about just manually creating a .jet file with a tone and then transposing it with the jet player, but it limits the transposing to -12, +12. Which is not so good for me.

There also is a ToneGenerator on Android, but it's limited to predefined tones with no way to transpose.

Does someone know how to achieve midi generation and playback on Android?

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Android :: Ideas Of Apps That Helpful In Daily Life / Achieve Society?

Oct 12, 2010

I am preparing to program an useful application, I would like to collect your ideas.

Any new ideas of apps that helpful in daily life, even achieve the society?

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Android :: Create Multiple Threads To Achieve Ftp Download And Display In Imageview?

Jun 30, 2010

The following code executes a function that retrieves a file via ftp and then displays it in an imageview. Since I'm using the main thread the UI locks up, somebody tells me I can use asynctask to make this work but I can't figure it out :<

Is anybody familiar with this that could offer me some guidance? code...

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